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Moving from one house to another can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. Staying organized, making lists, and planning ahead make the whole process a lot easier, but so does having a few handy packing tips and tricks up your sleeve! Obviously the less packing the movers have to do for you... the more money you will save. Here's a few tips that will help you save time and money. Hope they help!
  Label Boxes
Kitchen, Alli's Room, Garage... Ext. This will allow your movers to quickly get the boxes to the right place at your new home. Many people will mark furniture with masking tape as well. Such as Living room coffee table, or Master Bedroom Night Stand.

Have Furniture Disassembled
Of course we can do this for you, but if you want to shave time off your move time try having beds taken apart and other furniture that requires disassembly all ready to go. Put screws and small parts in a ziploc bag and tape it to one of the furniture pieces.

Put As Much As You Can In One Spot
Some of our quickest moves happen when we get there and most of all your items and boxes have been moved to the garage and are ready to go.
  Use Many Like Sized Boxes
If you have a lot of equal-sized boxes, you might find it easier to go with the wall of boxes to maximize your space. By packing this way, you can load up the truck floor to ceiling with boxes. Having like sized boxes will also save you money, as it will speed up the time it takes for movers to load up the moving truck. It also creates a solid foundation that helps keep your belongings safe from moving around and falling during the drive to your new home. Below are some good examples of same sized boxes in a moving truck.
  Get Contractor 45 Gallon Trash Bags.
Great for toys, bedding and pillows, loose items in closets, and outdoor stuff. Having these will really help you out!
  How many boxes do I need?
Sometimes more than you would think. Once you get going, you will be surprised how much stuff you have. Here's a chart to give you a rough idea of boxes you may need.
  Here are some helpful files to print!
Click the Open And Print Button under each catagory to see list. Hit print and put paper copies in a moving folder to stay organized during your move.
  The Ultimate Moving Checklist!
The process of moving is usually a long one that happens over the course of several weeks, but it’s never too early to start planning. If you’ve just sold your home, purchased a new one, or you’re preparing to move into a new rental home, we’ve created a moving checklist that will help you from beginning to end. From two months out to moving day, there are many little things that you may not have thought about yet. We know from experience that the more prepared you are, the better, so regardless of where you are in the planning process of your move, we hope this post will help!
  Tips For Sucessful Packing List
Just a few pointers from the pros! A bit of organization and forethought not only makes packing easier, it makes unpacking a breeze as well.
  Essential Packing Supplies List
We put together a nice packing supply list that will have you packing like a pro! Arm yourself with the right tools and materials to ensure your packing goes smoothly.

Packing a box Guide
Don't let your personal items get harmed during the moving process. Taking time to pack correctly can save you heartache down the road.

  How To Pack Household Goods Guide
From electronic equipment to lamps, certain items require special attention.
  How to Pack Kitchenware Guide
Delicate china, glassware, and appliances will need some TLC to reach their destination safely
  Packing a First-Night Box Guide
It's the end of moving day. You're exhausted but happily at home in your new location and looking forward to a good night's sleep. Now, where did you put that toothbrush...
  Tips for Moving Pets
Make sure man's best friend is well taken care of on moving day.